About Us


Global Vapery is one of the Midwest’s largest manufacturers of premium e-liquids and provides domestic and global distribution for the industry’s latest and greatest flavors and devices. As a Minnesota-based company, we pride ourselves on establishing lasting relationships with each of our customers, and we look forward to building our brand through honest practices, great customer relationships and delivering the same high-quality products.



Longtime friends and business partners Gavin Rydell and Beecher Vallaincourt had spent the majority of the last two decades managing bars and night clubs. This line of work ultimately made the draw towards nicotine insatiable, and the ability to quit afterwards nearly impossible. Through a close friend, Gavin was gifted the knowledge and tools to build Global Vapery and the quality brands they now produce. With Beecher at his side, and the shared success they had through vaping; the goal became clear: help others by providing them with quality e-liquids to give them the best chance at success.



Each one of our products is meticulously crafted by a team of experienced mixologists in an ISO 6 certified cleanroom environment. Every blend that we produce is created with the customer experience in mind, and we understand the importance of providing a quality, clean, and consistent product. Each bottle is handmade and labeled in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.