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If you’re looking for a taste of the East, but your traveling options are limited, don’t worry: Fu Man Brews has you covered with e-liquids inspired by Japanese flavors and culture.

Fu Man Brews e-liquids

Do you love reading the manga? Watching anime? Do you dream of traveling to Japan to enjoy the shade underneath the cherry blossoms? Have you always wanted to have sake with some scrumptious eats in the urban jungle of Tokyo? Well, if you’re a fan of all things Japanese, we’ve got a treat for you. The next best thing to going to experience Japanese culture itself is vaping it! Thanks to our awesome Fu Man Brews collection, you will travel to Japan on a tasty adventure every time you draw.


Today we’re going to walk you through all the excellent Fu Man Brews blends. This brand has been bringing its exotic flavors to customers since 2015, and it’s still surprising us. Every blend has a unique character reflected by a clever name. Try them all and figure out which blend is perfect for you!


''Rawr, where is that e-liquid?''. Source of the image: Wiki

We all know who Godzilla is: that giant lizard stomping through cities while people scream “Gojira” in fear. This kaiju might cause destruction and fear in movies, but it will bring pure delight to your taste buds--so much so that you’ll be screaming “Gojira” too when you realize that you’ve run out of this sweet vape juice. Who knew that Godzilla actually tastes like strawberries with undertones of sweet, light biscuits? Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all. In fact, if you play the entire movie backward it’s actually all about a gentle giant helping everyone build a city! It is all a matter of perspective. And if you happen to like the band Gojira, consider vaping this fluid while you listen for the ultimate experience. 


Tokyo Banana and Mosura


Japan is very famous for its treats, and while they might not be as sweet as the treats you find in America, they offer a tantalizing mix of flavors that you will remember forever. Fruits take center stage when it comes to desserts in Japan--so Fu Man Brews is keeping it traditional with Tokyo Banana. A Tokyo banana is a spongy cake filled with a banana custard; it’s creamy, cool, and refreshing. Tokyo Banana e-juice brings that very same experience to you in vape form, so try it out to day if you’re hankering for some dessert.

If you’re looking for a more tutti-frutti flavor explosion, consider picking up a bottle of Mosura--another name for Mothra, another beast from the Godzilla universe. Mosura combines sweet strawberries, cool watermelon, and sour lime juice in an awesome cocktail that will make you feel like you’re having a tropical mixed drink on a hot Japanese summer day.

Say “Kanpai” and take a Sake Swish

Time for language lessons! Do you know what “kanpai” means? It’s what you say when you are drinking sake with your friends--basically meaning “Cheers!” You probably know that sake is a traditional Japanese wine. For their Kanpai flavor, Fu Man Brews combines the East Asian grape-like lychee fruit, along with white grape, to make you feel like you’re inhaling a lovingly brewed sake. If you’re a fan of the different flavor profiles of Asian wine and liquor, you’ve gotta give Kanpai a shot. And if you are thirsty for more, Fu Man Brews has also prepared something especially extravagant for you in Sake Swish. You’ll get a big kick from the strong flavor of a caramel cigarillo dipped in sake.

Naughty Geisha is waiting

naughty geisha

A Sweet Mystery

A mysterious lady with big brown eyes and luscious lips is waiting for you under the cherry tree with a sly smile on her face. Her kiss tastes of orange cream with a hint of pineapple. These Seductive notes will leave you begging for more, and you’ll wonder what else she has hiding up her sleeve. 


You’ve got another Japanese lesson coming up! Hanami is the name of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. We all know how beautiful the cherry blossoms are during this festival. We’ve seen the beautiful pictures. It’s no wonder that this sight for sore eyes is the country’s national symbol. But imagine if you could pink rhapsody all year round? Imagine if every day you got to sit there in the morning light, having a green tea while you were enveloped in the fragrance of the blossoms.


Cherry Blossom

The thing is, you can have that every day with Hanami by Fu Man Brews, which blends the flavors of healthy green tea with the aroma of the iconic cherry blossom. Start your mornings the right way by taking a draw that transports you to tea time at this stunning festival.

Charles Dinsmore and the Dinsmore Reserve

When British trader Charles Dinsmore arrived on the coast of Japan, he made due by trading Western and Middle Eastern goods with local Okinawans, who showed him how to fish and farm in return.

The vanilla bourbon and toasted almond flavors in the Charles Dinsmore e-liquid, as well as the Turkish tobacco, coconut and bakery undertones in the Dinsmore Reserve e-liquid, commemorate the flavors that Dinsmore himself brought to the people of Okinawa. These vape fluids marry the West, the Middle East, and the Far East--feel like a globetrotting explorer by buying them today!

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