Debunking Vape Myths

People love to panic. Why else would we subject ourselves to scary movies and the news? It gets our hearts racing. It elicits passion and anger. While exercising our emotions can be a good thing, sometimes we take our triggers a little too seriously, and forget to stop and smell the facts. We forget that not everything we read online is true.

The fact that anyone can post anything they want online means that truths about vaping and myths about vaping are being comingled in the same search results, and often within the same article. It can be tough to discern myths vs. truths, so we are here to help logically wade through the flood of misinformation about vaping that’s out there.

Vaping vs. Smoking

vaping vs smoking

Since the first modern e-cigarette was created as a smoking cessation device, cigarettes have become the bar against which vaping is set. Our minds like making comparisons, and we can easily see the link between two inhaled products. As we know cigarettes are harmful products to our health, we immediately compare the negative aspects and assume an all-or-nothing posture. Let’s take a look at some of those comparisons.

Is Vaping Addictive?

Humans have a long, complicated history with addiction. It’s not rocket science. When we enjoy something, we want more of it. Nicotine is a fantastic stimulant, which is why people enjoy it. Much like the coffee we all adore and can’t navigate mornings without. Cigarettes contain nicotine, as do a number of different e-liquids. The difference between them is that e-liquids are available in a range from products containing zero nicotine to products with higher levels, and cigarettes don’t give you much of an option. 

is vaping addictive

Vaping definitely has the edge here. While anyone who uses nicotine flirts with the possibility of becoming addicted, you would have to choose e-liquids that contain nicotine for that to happen. People who use vaping for smoking cessation tend to step down the nicotine levels from their current smoking levels until they have comfortably reached zero.

Is Vaping Safe?

Since cigarettes are inherently unhealthy, the safety of the product is another comparison that is regularly drawn. Cigarettes contain so many known carcinogens that you could probably earn a PhD just by memorizing them. Most e-liquids has only a few ingredients, and you can find them listed on the packaging. Each of these ingredients and the chemicals that make them up are going to be much less toxic than combusted tobacco.

is vaping safe

Vaping takes the edge here as well. While vaping is still a relatively recent phenomenon, it is widely considered safer than smoking analog cigarettes. We will surely learn more about the health impacts as we move into the future, but vaping has a lot of catching up to do if someone wants to claim it to be as unsafe as smoking.

Vaping-Related Illness

While we’re on the topic of product safety, we need to address the recent panic attack the world had with vaping-related illness. Lots of claims were made before the culprit was eventually identified as liquid vitamin E acetate found mainly in counterfeit cartridges. Media outlets confused the topic further by continually implying that the THC cartridges were the problem, in an irrelevant and irresponsible use of flawed logic. If a thousand pack-a-day smokers get lung cancer and half had eaten a salad in the past week, we wouldn’t blame the salads.

The takeaway we get from all this is that cases weren’t linked to reputable sources. Vitamin E acetate was the problem, and that problem existed in counterfeit cartridges and e-liquids. Unsafe counterfeit products are nothing new, and they don’t reflect the industry as a whole.

Can Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?

Although e-cigs were originally heavily marketed as smoking cessation devices, many people claim that they can’t actually help you stop smoking because people who take up vaping may be more likely to start smoking than if they hadn’t vaped. This argument is entirely backward. It’s downright silly to say that the possibility something could create a path toward a burning building is automatically incapable of being a fire escape as well.

While some people who vape exclusively may decide to start smoking in the future, vaping has certainly given many people who are driven to quit smoking the control over their nicotine intake levels that helped them curve their cravings. Smoking is a very hard thing to quit. No cessation program is 100% effective, but that doesn’t mean tools can’t help us get where we’re going.

At the end of the day, the world is unpredictable and we all use tools to help get us through it. Don’t let hasty, panic-driven stories scare you from doing the things you enjoy or the things that help get you through life a little more happily. Learn the facts and make informed decisions. If you wind down at the end of a long day with a glass of wine or a vape on the patio, don’t let panic pushers stop you.

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