CBD vaping 101 - best vape pens for beginners

What are the best vape pens to use for CBD vaping?

Vaping is amongst the most popular ways of taking CBD oil. You have probably already heard about CBD oils and tinctures. That is the latest hit on the market and it is definitely here to stay. Why? Because it can feel like real magic in your body. It has anti-inflammatory properties, may reduce everyday stress, and it is legal in every state. It won’t cause any negative chaos in your head - just the calm you needed. But what is ‘’the proper’’ way of taking CBD oils or tinctures? Sure, edibles seem awesome but if you want quick absorption to help promote deep relaxation, this method will work best for you.

If you are a complete beginner to the vaping adventure - don’t worry, we will help you by making the best recommendations for our premium selection of vape pens. It’s just one small device that can help you calm your thoughts, may reduce frequent panic attacks, and you can do it literally everywhere. But be careful - if you decide to opt for vaping, don’t use the CBD tincture. CBD tinctures often contain a dose of alcohol - which is dangerous to use with vape pens. So be careful, do your homework first, and then choose your new magic wand.

Here are our personal favorites for your fist CBD vaping adventure:

Yocan Evolve PLUS Wax Vaporizer Kit

(drumroll, please) Get ready to evolve. Yocan just released this awesome model that allows you to vape wax, thick oil, and dry herb with one kit. You get a full Evolve wax pen as well as an Evolve-C atomizer with a thick oil cartridge and an Evolve-D dry herb atomizer. With this kit, you will be ready to vape literally everything. Because Yocan says ‘’you can’’ (except with tinctures, of course - don’t experiment with that). It comes in a black and silver combination - you won’t just feel cool, you will also look cool.

X Max V2 Pro Vaporizer Kit

This baby is a triple threat. Why you may ask? You can vaporize concentrates, dry herbs, and liquids. Don’t be afraid when you see all its buttons - remember that you are in control. You will quickly learn everything about this awesome model. The X Max has made a name for itself in the portable vape pen market. Another great part about the X Max V2 Pro is it produces such a high vapor quality with such a small unit. It looks great and is discrete to use. It’s one of our personal favorites and we think you will adore it too.

Yocan Evolve C Kit

Another personal favorite from Yocan, it is a little bit different from the other one on our list.  It can create rich, smooth, and relaxing vapor clouds. The Yocan Evolve-C Vaporizer is a compact yet powerful vape pen that efficiently vaporizes waxes and oil concentrates. It is a perfect mix of both portability and excellence. You can easily switch between the wax atomizer or oil cartridge to enjoy rich vapor on the go…

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