FLAVORS OF THE WEEK: June 5 - June 11

Posted by Miss Global Vaper on 6/6/2017 to News

For the free birds & smooth operators..here's your refreshing homemade almond milk. Blended almonds & fresh sliced strawberries strained into a jar, chillin' over an ice bucket after a dip in the water at dawn.

Bisou Is Available and We've Found Your New Beverage Vape!

Posted by Miss Global Vaper on 4/17/2017 to News

We're kickin off this week at Global Vapery with Bisou by Hells Vapors Premium! Now in stock and ready for delivery to all the Vapers out there who have a taste for that Jelly Fruit Bowl found at all your friend's and family's gatherings! 

This flavor is spot on and immediately reminds you of that sweet gelatin and fruit dish full of fruity flavor! Bisou is available in 30ml bottles and offers nic levels: 0, 3, 6 and 12mg. The PG/VG ratio is 80/20!  

Welcome to Black Beards Liquid

Posted by Miss Global Vaper on 3/9/2017 to News

The Featured Flavor of the Week is Lilith, and she's one #nastygirl! Whether you believe in the biblical or mythical stories of Lilith, one thing is true, her berry-pom blend will seduce you and leave you begging for more.. Better get her while she's just $17.99 through Sunday, March 12th

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Coachella Is Approaching…Can We Vape There?

Posted by Miss Global Vaper on 2/24/2017 to News

Of course we can! They say that just “e-cig pens” are welcome but no refill liquids allowed. Last year I brought a Subvod Kit by Kangertech. The tank was big, so my liquid lasted the whole day. I made sure to bring a portable charger for my phone and pen. No one needs to lose a nice mod at this festival anyway – don’t bum out during a fantastic weekend of music in the sun! I highly recommend bringing the X30 Rover by Aspire as a back up device to leave behind while at the festival.