Coachella Is Approaching…Can We Vape There?

Posted by Miss Global Vaper on 2/24/2017 to News

Of course we can! They say that just “e-cig pens” are welcome but no refill liquids allowed. Last year I brought a Subvod Kit by Kangertech. The tank was big, so my liquid lasted the whole day. I made sure to bring a portable charger for my phone and pen. No one needs to lose a nice mod at this festival anyway – don’t bum out during a fantastic weekend of music in the sun! I highly recommend bringing the X30 Rover by Aspire as a back up device to leave behind while at the festival. 


People often ask what I’m vaping there! The flavors that are calling my name this spring are SERIAL by Black Beards because I just need to have that fruity cereal milk! Its my go-to good mood flavor that I never get tired of. 



The Coast by Dripped Life (a sweet citrus beverage flavor). This is refreshing AF! This is a flavor that makes me have to tell people I'm sick or something because they keep wanting to vape off mine! #getyourown



And last but not least, Fukiya by Ninja Sauce! It’s the most authentic tasting blend of Strawberry-Apple (strapple) I’ve ever vaped. It's definitely cured my sadness over Bey's cancellation! 



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