Global Vapery specializes in e-liquid vaporizer flavor creation. 

We provide consulting and production services to clients all over the world looking to produce private label custom e-liquids and/or successfully develop, produce and sell a liquid brand or develop an independent e-liquid and supply retail outlet.

Global Vapery is an industry leading liquid producer based on a consistent regard the highest possible standards for quality and safety. Vaporizer liquid production is a relatively new industry, and we prioritize staying informed and ahead of evolving FDA regulations by going beyond expectations. We refuse to work with cheap supplies, products or flavorings. We do what we do and do it right, taking pride in every single product that is produced in our safe, dust-free and UV filtered lab.

Global Vapery's philosophy is upheld by employing only the best possible lab technician: Chef Daniel Hultquist is a Minnesota native and a 2013 graduate of Saint Cloud State University. He graduated with a BS degree in chemistry, is a member of Mensa and the American Chemical Society. Hultquist has been with Global Vapery since its inception and has many years of experience formulating e-liquid.

Our client list currently includes e-liquid for use in standard e-cigarettes such as Hells Vapors, as well as vitamin infused vaping liquid, such as Vita Vape. We provide brand consultation to Infinite Vapor, a leading and rapidly expanding premium e-liquid and supplies retailer. Additionally, Global Vapery specializes in high glycerin liquid for dripping such as Dripped Life. 

We are a transparent company, guided by the belief that the business of vape liquid, if done well and done right, should be innovative, fun and safe.